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Pay Attention To Seed Flavors Marijuana

You are almost to the final stages of harvesting your cannabis when you see the flowering stage! You still need to be patient and you need to monitor your seed flavors so the effort you put into it all from when they were just marijuana seeds pays off. The dividends will be in the form of leaves that have the best possible amount of THC available. When your seed flavors are making buds, you are officially in the flowering stage. This is going to be the last stage of the growth until you are ready for harvesting. The buds can be small and don't worry if some seed flavors get them several days before the others. You also want to evaluate your window of opportunity for the harvest. You may still have several weeks but you do want to be ready. During the flowering stage, you will need to change your lighting exposure schedule. Typically, you are going to offer light for 12 hours and then dark for 12 hours with indoor growing. This can vary though based on the strain of cannabis seeds you are growing. Make sure you have that information available in advance so you don't make mistakes at this crucial point. Mistakes now can ruin your seed flavors to reduce the value of the THC it offers. Not only can the yield be less but the potency can also be reduced. You will be able to identify if your cannabis seed flavors are male or female during the flowering stage. The females are going to offer you seeds so it is a good idea to know where those are. If you are going to harvest your seeds, you need to know which ones to collect from when you are harvesting your THC. You will typically end up with about a 50/50 ratio of female and male seeds. It isn't going to be exact so don't worry about that. If you want all females, you simply need to use clones or feminized seeds and then you won't get any male seeds in the future. Keep an eye on your seed flavors as you will notice plenty of changes occurring during the flowering stage. Wisps of long hairs may start to show up on the joints of the branches. These are referred to as the pistils and they will be a sure sign that harvest time is right around the corner for your marijuana seeds. If you have seed flavors that aren't growing anything, they are likely your male seeds. You can simply toss those out as they aren't going to offer you any THC. That is why you should always plant more marijuana seeds than you really need to produce a level of THC for your needs. If you end up with plenty of male seeds, you can just toss them and not have to worry that your overall yield is going to be less. The harvest is a time to really enjoy what you have been working on and what you have done to help those seed flavors to a successful outcome.You have read, Pay Attention To Seed Flavors Marijuana.
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