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Talking With Your Wilkes Barre Lawyer

When you need to talk to your Wilkes Barre lawyer, you will likely call the office and leave a message. You should give them at least 48 hours to get back to you. If it is an emergency, make sure you speak to a receptionist and convey that message. While you want to talk to them as soon as possible, be respectful of their other cases. They may not be able to get back to you because they are in court or consulting with other clients in Wilkes Barre.

If you don't hear back from them in the 48 hour window, make sure you follow up with your Wilkes Barre lawyer. Speak to a live person and let them know you have already left a message. Discuss with them what is going on in your life and why you need to talk to them. Try to remain calm and to stick to the facts. Don't be angry or feel like they are ignoring you.

Avoid getting in touch with your Wilkes Barre lawyer if it isn't important. If it is something you can share with them at your next appointment or your next court date, then do so. The Wilkes Barre lawyer will have a very hectic schedule and they have tons of calls to return every day. It may seem like that never ends for them. Don't add to the chaos and don't call them all the time for nothing. You don't want them to start to be annoyed that you have called your Wilkes Barre lawyer again.

On the other side of that, you are paying for good representation and your needs shouldn't be ignored. Your Wilkes Barre lawyer will hopefully get back to you just as soon as they are able to. It may be one of their associates that are able to resolve your situation in Wilkes Barre. Find out what is taking place when you can and then you won't be worried.

Some lawyers have office hours where there are readily available. This is a first come, first served basis. If that is the case, try to arrive early so you don't have to wait long in Wilkes Barre. You will be glad you did because their time as well as yours is very precious.

If the issue you needed to discuss influences something going on in your case, you shouldn't feel rushed once you do get to talk to them. If you have a court date right around the corner, ask them to postpone it. This can be in your best interest so you have time to make decisions based on the new information that you have to share.

If you continue to feel like your lawyer just doesn't get back to you, consider replacing them. Talk to them first and let them know you are upset because you don't feel like they take care of your needs timely. If they can't give you a good justification for it, then you may need to change. Keep in mind the courts frown upon changing representation unless you have a very valid reason to do so. You may be asked to provide such information to the courts. Get Wilkes Barre Lawyer Michak Law Firm from ml. You have read, Talking With Your Wilkes Barre Lawyer.
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